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Our standard rocker seats are 17.5” deep and 22.5” wide.

The resting seat height front is a comfortable 16”.

The rockers are usually made from maple but are also available in ash or birch. 

We deliver as far as New York/New Jersey for a nominal charge, and ship elsewhere.

The rockers are shipped without the rockers attached to minimize box size. We include wood glue and instructions on how to attach the rockers when they arrive.

We ship in pairs when ordered.

Most chairs are $1200. Special customization requests may add cost.

There is really nowhere to carve into the chair itself. We do attach a small New England Porch Rocker plaque on the bottom of the back on the backside and could certainly have a plaque with the family name made for you at no charge.

We take all major credit cards. When you place your order we will take a 50% deposit, with the balance due before shipping/delivery.

The options are cane/reed (matching the seat selection), or a wood slat back.

photograph of two cane-back dark blue rocking chairsphotograph of two white slat-back rocking chairs

If your chair arrives damaged no worries! I am part of a nationwide network of chair caners and seat weavers who could make the repairs at no cost to you.

All the rocker frames are made from locally sourced New Hampshire wood, usually maple but can be birch or ash. Oak is not recommended as it is very grainy but some people like it and we can get it for an upcharge.

Reed can be sourced from the United States but it is very expensive. Cane is only found in Southeast Asia. It is from the Rattan Palm plant. New England Porch Rockers has been doing business with Frank’s Cane & Rush Supply in Huntington Beach, CA since we have been in business.  They bring in shipping containers of material from their location in China.  Occasionally we may see material that we are not familiar with and can send a sample to Mike (at Frank’s Cane & Rush) and he can always identify it. They have been an excellent, knowledgeable and professional supplier.

As of May 2023 we are not taking any new orders.