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Caring For Your Rocker

Your hand-crafted porch rocker will last for generations with some simple care and maintenance.

Keep your rockers on a covered porch, under a gazebo, etc. Direct sunshine will break down the reed or cane much more quickly.

The rockers don’t mind getting wet – the reed and cane are soaked before being woven. Tip your rocker upside down if the seat gets wet and wait for it to thoroughly dry before sitting in it again. Sitting on a chair with a damp seat will stretch the reed/cane and it won’t bounce back.

If the reed/cane needs to be cleaned then a bath of soapy water and a soft scrub brush is all you need. If there is mold adding a little bleach is okay, but don’t let the bleach sit on the cane/rush.

Bring your rockers indoors in the winter if they are located where they will get covered in snow but otherwise keeping them inside is not necessary.

If you do have your rocker inside be mindful of heat sources – fireplace, floor grate, etc.