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Welcome to New England Porch Rockers

There are many iconic images of New England, but a welcoming rocking chair on a front porch is up near the top of that list. The quintessential New England porch rocker is the harbinger of long summer days, lemonade, family barbeques, and the making of memories that will be passed down for generations.

New England Porch Rockers is an owner-operated business run by Jeanne Howe Compton, professional weaver and craftswoman. An interior designer with training in architecture, Jeanne learned the art of chair caning from an antique craftsman in the 1990s, and, inspired by the unique rigor of the traditional art, started her own caning and rocking chair business in 2000. She has been producing her trademark rockers for nearly two decades, and continues to add new inventory and designs. Jeanne is also proud to be able to serve her customers’ caning replacement and repair needs.

photo of rocking chair with cane seat and white frame